Program Reviews

Program Reviews

Every program should make a positive contribution to an organization’s bottom line. Not all do.

A contribution could be financial, or it could improve customer satisfaction, employee morale, internal operations, …

While a Needs Assessments examines an organization and its operations, a Program Review assesses how well a formal program is performing across multiple organizations from a customer and financial point of view. A review determines how well a program is meeting its objectives, and identifies those areas for improvement with cost analysis.

A program could involve one or more products and services or a key organizational process. For example, a program review could assess Sales and Marketing campaigns that are focussed on increasing sales, market share and/or key, reference-able new customers. A program review could assess a Customer Service program that’s purpose is to improve customer satisfaction. For Operations a program review could focus on improving product reliability.

Get another point of view on your critical programs. We’ve helped clients complete these reviews faster and at less cost, while improving their program results. Occasionally we find new opportunities for clients that significantly improve their bottom line.

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