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The Internet has a rich collection of helpful business information. How do you find it? How do you know which information is better or more accurate? What information is the most current?

Unless you are an expert in each field, it is difficult to identify what is the best and most current information, even if you can find it. In this section, we have started to assemble some of the information we have developed or used to help our client companies be more successful in marketing, sales, customer service and general business operations. The information and references are NOT complete, nor representative of everything that we have done in the past, or will do in the future. It is merely a starting point.

A further word of caution. As a shoe does not fit every foot, the information here may not be appropriate for you and your current situation. We are consultants, who start with a framework, and adapt that framework and our approach to each situation. Rarely do we find two scenarios alike. Even call and contact centers, that use common equipment and processes, but are in separate locations can be uniquely different, simply due to the personnel that staff them.

For large problems, we assemble a team of expert consultants, each with their own distinct point of view and specialty. As a result, each team is more capable of addressing problems and identifying opportunities than each team member working independently.

There are four distinct areas in this section, each represented by a picture above:

Papers & Presentations This is a collection of papers, presentations and spreadsheets that either describe how to do something, how something works, or is a result of performing some operation.
Axioms These are a growing collection of observations and sayings that we have experienced over the years. Many problems and solutions can be reduced to one or more of these axioms.
Management Tools A collection of tools to help you communicate better, solve issues/problems, gain insight into various situations, explore different leadership methods, resolve conflicts and help set personal and business goals.
Helpful Business Websites These are collection of links to web sites that contain interesting and useful business information. This collection is not complete, but growing.
Submit If you have a paper, link or observation that you wish to share with others, this is the place to submit it.
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