Helpful Business Websites

Helpful Business Websites

Below is an initial list of helpful business related websites.  There are hundreds of companies, sites and products that could be included.  As large companies merge and products combine and/or are retired, new products and solutions from pioneering small and medium size companies come on the scene.

The challenge is to find the website that has information that is most beneficial for you.  Below are websites for marketing, sales, customer relationship management and small business/startup planning. If you have other websites that you think should be included, please let us know by clicking here or on the submit button and sending us the information.

While we have worked with a number of the companies and products listed below, we do not have vested interest in any of them.


Company Information
EDGAR Company Search
Hoover’s Online
Dun & Bradstreet
Crunchbase (startups)
Which database to choose?
Lists and Links
Business Marketing and Advertising Links
Business Resources Directories
Top Business Web Sites


Lead Generation
Campaign Result Articles
RSA Builds on Lead-Generation Effort
Lead Generation Tools
ListGrabber (contact info from web sites)
Prospect List Sources
BuyerZone Lead Generation Programs
Harte Hanks Targeted Databases
Melissa Data
Targeted Sales Leads
Sales Force Automation / CRM
Infor Customer Experience Suite
Oracle NetSuite Sales Force Automation
Oracle Sales Cloud
Oracle Siebel Sales
SalesJunction Web Based Sales Force Automation
Salesnet Sales Cloud
Soffront Marketing Automation

Customer Relationship Management

Software Products
Info CRM
Microsoft Customer Relationship Management
PC Magazine Best CRM Software of 2017
Oracle Enterprise Customer Relationship Management
SalesLogix CRM
Soffront CRM

Small Business (Start-up) Planning

General Information
American Express Small Business Plan Resources
Small Business and B2B Small Business Directory
Financing Overview (SBA)
Inc’s Business Plan Outline
Business Plan Software
Business Plan Software (BRS)
Business Plan & Marketing Plan Software (Palo Alto Software)
Business Plan Software (Planware)
JIAN BizPlanBuilder
Other Business Resources (Links)
BRS Link Directory
MIT Enterprise Forum Resources
Marketing Basics (SBA)
Sample Business Plans (from
Sample Business Plans (from
Traditional Funding Sources (AE)
Virtual Business Plan (BizPlanIt)
Writing a Business Plan (SBA)

Market Share

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
2015 Gartner CRM Market Share Analysis
Top 10 CRM Software Vendors and Market Forecast 2015-2020
Sales Force Automation (SFA)
2015 CRM Market Leaders: Sales Force Automation

Engineering / Product Development

Web / UX Design
Lists of web design tools


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