Here is a partial list of the direct and indirect customers and clients that we have worked with over the years.

Business Projects

3Com, Airtouch, Aspect Telecommunications, BancOne, BofA, Candle, CashEdge, Cisco, CSAA, Deluxe Checks, Dialog, Encad, getInsights, GNA, Haykin Capital, Hello Direct, IBM EMEA, JD Edwards, Kaiser Permanente, Keep Sharp, Modapt, Neckermann (Belgium, Netherlands, France), Pacific Bell, PeopleSoft, PG&E, ProBusiness, Progress Software, Raychem, Reader’s Digest, Shell Chemical, Siemens (US & Germany), Speedware, State Compensation Insurance Fund, Sumitomo Bank, Sun Microsystems, Telogy, Toshiba, Unisource, Webvan, Wells Fargo, Wingspring


Amblit Technologies, Channel Concepts, Inc., Cool Planet Labs, Dropr, GetInsights, Jobwise, Inc., Knowggin, LiveHit, Inc., Medical Automata, Inc., One World Virtual, Inc., Poggled, TableSavvy, Travel Knowledge, Vivlii

Leadership Coaching

Africa Education Program, Center for Youth Wellness, Conviva, Cupertino Electric Inc, Gratitude NetworkKinvolved, Mgov Brasil, Project Hawaii Inc, SuitUp Inc, The School of Imagination, TIA, Vivensity

Technical Projects

Adobe, Amblit Technologies, Cadence, Cool Planet Labs, Diablo Symphony Orchestra, Epic, GE, GetInsights, Go Play Network, LiveHit, NASA, Oculus VR, One World Virtual, Poggled, Reel Community Action, TellTale Games, Travel Knowledge, VA Hospital, Valid Logic, Vimo, Virtual Mindworks

Software Development Tools

3Com, 3M, Abbott Laboratories, Acuity Software, Acuson, Adaptec, ADP, Aerospace Corp, AGFA-Gevaert, Air Products and Chemicals, Alcatel Network Systems, Alcoa, Aldus, Allied Signal, AMD, American President Lines, American Red Cross, Apple Computer, Applied Biosystems, Arco Oil and Gas Company, Arthur Anderson and Company, Ashland Chemical Inc, Ashton-Tate, ASSY-SOFT, AT&T, AT&T Bell Labs, AT&T Global Information Solutions, AT&T Paradyne, Atari, ATEX, Autodesk, Autonomy, Avid Technology, Avis, Balcor, Ball Aerospace, Bank of America, Bankers Trust Company, Banyan Systems, Battelle NW Labs, Baxter Health Care Group, Bell Atlantic, Bell Northern Research, Bell South Information Systems, Bellcore, Bendix, BHP Research, Biomation, Bitstream, Bloomberg News Radio, Boeing, Borland International, Bowling Green State University, Brio Technology, British Telecommunications, Broderbund, Brown University, Brucker Instruments, Businessland, Byte Computers, Calera Recognition Systems, Canadian Astronautics Ltd, Canadian Forest Service, Capella Systems, Carnegie Mellon University, CatzPaw Software, Centers for Disease Control, Charles Stark Draper Lab, Checkfree Corporation, Chemical Bank, Chubb LifeAmerica, CIMTEK America, Citibank, Citicorp, Claris Corporation, Coast Meridian Inc, Cognos, Coherent, Colorado Memory Systems, Compaq Computer, CompuAdd Corp, Computer Sciences Corporation, Computerland, ComputerWorld, Comshare, Comstat DataComm Corp, CSX Technology, Cummins Electronics, Curtiss Wright Flight Systems Inc, DataPro Information Services, DataViz Inc, David Sarnof Research Center, DCA, DEC, Deere & Company, Defence Research Establishment, Deltapoint, Deneba Software, Department of Defense, Department of Fisheries & Oceans, Department of the Army, Department of the Navy, Deutsche Bank, Dialog Information Services, Digital Microwave, Discover Card Services, Inc., Dow Chemical, Drug Enforcement Administration, Dun & Bradstreet, Dunsgate, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Eaton Corporation, EDS, EIP Microwave, Inc., Encore Systems, EOSAT, ESTEC, Euro Concepts, Exxon, Faircom Corporation, Farallon Computing, Fermilab, Fisher Controls Company, FMC Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Fractal Design, Frame Technology, Fujitsu, Fukuoka Higashi National Hospital, FWB, Inc., Gammalink, Gang-Nail, GE, GE CR&D, GE Medical Systems, General Motors, General Research, GeoQuest Data Management, GM Research Laboratory, Gmbh & Co., Gnosis, Go Corporation, Gould, Grass Valley Group, Great Wave Software, Grey Matter, Grumman, GTE Laboratories, Hach Company, Halcyon Software, Halliburton, Hardee’s Food Systems, Inc., Harris Corporation, Hempel, Home Savings of America, Honeywell, Horizons Technology Inc., Houghton Mifflin Co, HP, Hughes Aircraft Co, Hughes Missle Systems Company, Hughes Research Lab, Hydro Quebec, IBI, IBM, ICC, ICOM, Inc., Illinois State University, Indiana Bell Telephone Co, Industrial Bank of Japan, Informix, InfoSoft AB, Insight, Inc., Intel, Intercon Systems Corp, Intersoft, Iowa State University, IRS, Israel Defense Force, Japan Research Institute, John Morton Company, Johns Hopkins University, Johnson and Johnson, Johnson Controls Inc, Jostens Learning Company, JP Morgan, JPL, Kaiser Permanente, Kawasaki Hospital, Ketron, Inc., Kiwi Software Inc, KLA Instruments, Kodak, Laser Magnetic Storage, LaserMaster, Lawerence Livermore National Labs, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Litton, Lockheed, Logicon, Logisoft, Los Alamos National Lab, Lotus Development Corp, LTV Missiles & Electronics, Lucent, Lund University, Magnovox, Marshall & Swift, MasterCard International, Mattson Instruments, Maxtor, Maxwell, McBride & Associates, McDermott Operations Research, McDonnell Douglas Space Systems, McGill University, Measurex, MECC, Medical Computers France, Medtronic, Meta Software, Metropolitan Life, MetroWorks, Microage, Microsim Corp, Microsoft, Miles Inc, Milliken Publishing Company, MindStorm, Ministry of Defence, UK, Ministry of Finance, Saudia Arabia, MIT, MIT Lincoln Lab, Mitek Industries, Mitre, Mitsubishi Electronics, Mobil, Monsanto, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Morgan Stanley & Co, Morrison Knudsen, Motorola, Nabanco, NASA, National Bureau of Standards, National Film Board of Canada, National Institute of Health, National Instruments, National Library of Medicine, National Semiconductor Corp, Naval Air Weapons Center, Naval Ocean Systems Center, Naval Research Lab, Naval Supply Center, NC State University, NCR, NEC Electronics, New Mexico State University, New York Life Insurance, Newbridge Networks Corp, Newgen Systems Corp, News Datacom Research Ltd, Nichols Research, Nicolet Instrument Corp, Nixdorf Computer Corp, NOAA, Nokia, Norsk Data, Northrop, Northwest Airlines, Northwestern Mutual Life, Nova Data, Now Software, NSWC, NWS, NYC Dept of Finance, NYNEX, NYSE, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Occam Research Corp, Occidental Chemical Corp, Omega Corp, Opal Technologies, Opcode, OPEC, Oracle, Organon Teknika Corp, Oribtal Sciences Corp, Ortho-Graphics, Otis Elevator Co, Oxford Information Technology Ltd, Pacific Scientific, Paleontologiska Inst, Palisades Geophysical Institute, Pandasoft, Penn Gas & Water Company, Persoft Inc, PES, Peter Norton Company, Petroleo Brasileiro SA, Pharos Technologies, Philips University, Phoenix Technologies, Picker International, Pipkins Inc, Pitney Bowes, Polaroid, PortaSoft, PPG Industries, Price Waterhouse, Prime Computer, Prime Factors Inc, Promark Software Inc, Proximity, Purdue University, Purup Electronics A/S, Qualitas, Quantum, Quark, Quebit Inc, Queensland Dept of Education, Queensland Univ of Technology, R.R. Donnelley & Sons, Racal Redac Inc, Radiation Dynamics Inc, Radix Technologies, Inc, Ralph Grocery Stores, RAND, Raychem, Raynet, Raytheon, Real Estate Investments Network, Red Brick Systems, Redgate Communications Corp, Refried Software, Relsys International, Richard Simons Ltd, Robertshaw Controls, Robosoft, Rockwell Int, Rutgers University, S&C Electric Company, Saab, Sage Software, Sahaviriyha System Co Ltd, SAIC, Salient Technologies Inc, San Diego State University, San Jose Real Estate Board, Sandia National Labs, SAS Institute, Satchwell Control Systems Ltd, Savant Systems Inc, Schlumberger – Doll Research, Schlumberger Well Services, Schoppe & Faeser GmbH, SCI, Sciences Informatique, Scientific Atlanta, Scientific Columbus Inc, SCIEX, SDC, Sea Bird Electronics, Seagate Technology, Seiko Epson Corp, Shearson Hutton, Siemens, Siemens Communications, Siemens Pacesetter, Signet Technologies, Simware, Software AG, Software Technology Consultants, Sol-Tec, Sony, Source Scientific Systems, Southwestern Bell Telephone, Spectra-Physics, Sprouse Scientific Systems, SPS Programming Services, Square D, St Louis Children’s Hospital, Stanford Telecommunications Inc, Starnine Technologies, Sterling Software, Stone & Webster Engineering Corp, Storm Development, Strategic Mapping, Inc., Studer Editech, Summit Technology, Sun Microsystems, Sundstrand Data Control, Sundsvalls Sjukhus, Symantec Corporation, Symbionics, Synergy, Inc., Syscorp International, Tandem Computers, Target Mail, TASC, Teknion F. Systems, Telebit, Telogy Networks, Telxon Corp, Tesseract Software Ltd, Texaco, Texas A&M University, Texas Instruments, Textron Defense Systems, The Learning Company, The Wyatt Co, Thomson Consumer Electronics, Toronto Dominion Bank, Tracor Applied Sciences, Trans America Inc, TransCanada Pipeline, Transpac Software, Trimble Navigation, TrueVision Inc, TRW, TSI Incorporated, Tudor Investment Corp, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, UCSF, Ungermann-Bass, Unico, Unidata Corp, Union Carbide Corp, Unisys, United Airlines, United Stationers, University of Delaware, University of Kassel, University of Michigan, University of Missouri, University of Pennsylvania, University of Sherbrooke, University of Tennessee, University of Washington, University of Western Ontario, University of Wisconsin, Univesite Cahtolique de Louvain, Unversity of Tokyo, Unviersity of Rochester, US Air Force, US Department of Transportation, US Dept of Army, US Geological Survey, US Leasing, US Navy, US West, Ventura Software, Verifone, Verilink, Viacom Cable, VideoTel Infoservice GmbH, Vitesse Semiconductor, Walker, Richer & Quinn, Inc, Wang Candada Ltd, WareForce Inc, West Publishing Co, Westinghouse, Weyerhauser Company, Whirlpool Corp, White Pine Software, White Sands Missle Range, Wilcox Electric Inc, Wing Ye Cheung Company, WordPerfect Corp, World Precision Instruments, Xetron Corp, XVT Software, Yale University, Zanshin Corp, Zylab Corp

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