Our team has more than 60+ years experience in the high-technology, network and communications, financial services, travel, health care and game industries.  They have help found multiple start-ups, architected, designed and built numerous client-server, browser based and mobile products, and created and implemented new go-to market, sales and customer service strategies and processes for SMB and enterprise companies.


bill sumerlinBill Sumerlin

Enterprise Architecture, Business Methodology, New Business Formation

Bill Sumerlin has worked for 30+ years in software development and enterprise architecture. He has authored a number of products, developed new technologies and business methodologies, cofounded five (5) companies, authored multiple patents, and written numerous articles, papers and manuals.

As CTO and cofounder of Go Play Network, he designed, developed and patented a prototype multi-media delivery system for Sprint cell phones, which streamed high quality video through the internet. He also developed a network simulator to analyze various Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) next generation network solutions and patented several key communication algorithms that solved performance and scalability limitations. Finally, he developed the first fantasy game and web site for the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) that supported 12,000+ players during their first season.

As CTO and cofounder of Amblit Technologies, he developed Amblit Navigator™, the first semantic browser for the Internet that includes free-form speech recognition. Currently, he is working on Amblit IMAS™, an intelligent, multi-agent enterprise software application system for the C3I business-to-business market.

As CTO, SVP of Engineering, and cofounder of eConvergent, he helped create a business that raised $65M from CrossPoint Ventures, TCV and Bay Partners. He assembled and managed the team that built the first customer relationship management (CRM) product for the Application Service Provider (ASP) market in less than 9 months.

While at Channel Concepts, Inc., he developed the Channel Assessment, Strategic Visioning, Sales Force Coverage Assessment, and Customer Relationship Management methodologies. In the late-80’s, he authored the C Programmers Toolbox™, which was used by many software developers worldwide. For architecting and managing the development of CalmaNet® in the early-80’s, the first high-speed networked, distributed processing system for CAD/CAM, General Electric promoted him to Computer Scientist. He also was the principle author and manager of the group in the late-70’s that developed NASA’s Pioneer Venus Data Records Processing System (DRPS) which processed all spacecraft and scientific data from Venus for more than 10 years. He was the architect and lead developer of the Cardiac Patient Index System (CPIS), which evaluated medical procedures for a number of hospitals in the San Francisco bay area in the mid-70’s.

At various times, he has been an Apple Developer, Microsoft ISV, and Sun Catalyst and members of ACM, AIAA and IEEE. He graduated with a BS/MS in Engineering from Stanford University.

Judy Louie

Senior Project Manager, Product Development, Senior Technical Editor

Judy Louie has more than 10 years experience in program, product and project management in the software and technologies industries. She also has more than 10 years in marketing and engineering management. She has worked for companies like GE, Cadence and Bendix, and consulted to companies like Octane (E.piphany), ProBusiness, and Sun Microsystems. She has managed large software and hardware development teams, technical publications groups, configuration management teams, and Q/A departments. Most recently she has been working Amblit Technologies and their new ASP based product.

She graduated with a BA in Mathematics from UC Santa Barbara. She has taken many classes since, including GE’s Experienced Managers Course and UC Berkeley’s Essentials of Marketing. In her spare time, she is a professional viola player.

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