Our Services

Our Services

Our mission is to make you successful. If we can’t, we will tell you so. If we know someone who can, we will tell you that too. Our success is measured in how fast and cost-effectively we can make you successful.

General Process

In each of our consulting projects, we first understand what you need and want. We then collect detailed information about your opportunity and problem. This will involve interviewing the appropriate employees, partners, customers and prospects. We will also collect all relevant business and financial statistics and information that you have or we can collect from third party sources. We will assimilate this information, potentially asking for additional information.


Depending on the problem, we then build models of the potential solutions. Our goal is to identify those solutions that provide the biggest gain, with reasonably risk and at a reasonable cost. We will NOT offer a solution that you cannot execute. We will work with you to determine which of the potential solutions has the best potential for success. As appropriate, we will also work with you to help sell the chosen solution within your organization, thereby maximizing your chances for success.


Our services can generally be divided into the following 6 categories:

  • Strategic Planning: Help clarify where you are and where you are going;
  • Market Research and Analysis: Determine what you are going to sell and who you are going to sell it to, what your market potential is, and how best to compete;
  • Business Development: Determine how best to promote and sell your products/services by channel, and make the timely adjustments to maximize your sales and success.  This includes Go-to-Market Strategy development;
  • Financial Modeling: Based on your operational data, we will help you determine who best to increase your profits, reduce your costs and fine-tune your focus.
  • Product Development & Support: Develop a new product or enhance an existing program or service, maximizing its sales potential, all at a competitive cost; and
  • Leadership Coaching: We focus on helping you become a better leader, more successful in your pursuits and happier with life.

We also help form, start and run small businesses. For more information on each of these areas, click on one of the pictures above.

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