Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment

What do you need to be successful? Are your organized for success? Are your personnel productive? Are your business processes helping you achieve your objectives, or slowing you down? Do you have adequate visibility into your observations? When opportunities and problems occur, do you have sufficient time so properly resolve them. Is your technology friend or foe? Are your prepared to handle those unforeseen situations? A Needs Assessments examines an organization to determine how to improve its personnel, processes and technology to make it more successful. 

Needs Assessment

A Needs Assessment simply determines how well a company or group is performing. It identifies those personnel, processes and technologies that are operating well, and those areas where improvement could be made. The assessment can even provide both a scorecard and an ROI justification for the acquisition of some critical personnel, process and/or technology. A larger assessment is typically performed by a team of experts of the course of a month or two.  Small assessments can be performed by a senior individual using a process that we have perfected over a number of years and many assessments.

Program Reviews

Every program should have a positive contribution to an organization’s bottom line. Not all do.

While a Needs Assessments examines an organization and its operations, a Program Review assesses how well a formal program is performing across multiple organizations. It determines how well a program is meeting its objectives, and it identifies those areas that could be improved, and at what cost.

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