Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Have any of these issues?  How about a plan to solve them?  We are here to help you solve any of the following problems.


Losing Money?

Making ends meet can be extremely challenging for a company or organization.  It only takes a couple of things to go wrong.  It can quickly impact your bottom line.  What are your options?  What will have the most impact?  Short and long term?  Organization size matters.  We can help identify what to do to get back into the green… Financial Modeling will help identify what your options are and what impact they can have.

Increase Profits?

Many different ways to increase profits

You are profitable, but you want to grow and increase them.  You will need to sell more, increasing market share, increase price(s) and/or reduce costs. What will your market, your staff and your current operations support?  Market research will help determine your market size, potential and limitations, a Needs Assessment will help determine what your organization is capable of, and Financial Modeling will help identify the risks associated with each possible approach.

Losing Customers?

Happy customers lower your customer service AND sales costs.  It is much easier and cheaper to sell to a happy customer than it is to find and sell a new one.  How are your customer service operations, customer focus, sales and sales support operations.  Do they know what to do when they have that customer from hell?  A Needs Assessment can help identify the issues and their sources.

Product / Service Issues?

Product/service issues can be complex

Are you missing deadlines, key features and/or have quality issues?  Is your product or service meeting the needs of your customers? Are your departments working together in a timely fashion. Are they taking ownership of the different issues? We can help identify the issues and suggest possible solutions through a Program Review.

Start a New Business?

There are a lot of moving parts to starting a successful new business.  It takes more than a great idea.  Depending on what that buisiness is, you will need additional staff and resources to create that product or service and a means to find and sell those key initial customers.  And then there is the challenge of financing your idea and company.  We’ve worked a number of individuals that have had great ideas…

Staffing Issues?

Keeping and growing key staff can be a challenge

Are people working together?  How is the communications between key members? Are you having challenges in retaining key staff, or finding new team members?  Are they working as a ‘team’? While we are not a staffing firm, we do coach individuals and teams to work better together, taking ownership for what they do and being accountable for both their wins and losses. We help team leads become successful leaders.  Let us know if you need Leadership Coaching or referrals to other companies.

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