New Business Opportunities

New Business Opportunities

We help develop new business opportunities.  Have a new ideas for a product or business? Want to start a new business? Want to form a partnership? If you have a promising idea or venture that you believe can be profitable within three years, we are interested in hearing about it. In 250 words or less, describe what you want to do, and why it will be beneficial for you and us in three years or less. We are focussed on a limited number of industries. If you are already submitting a business plan to VCs and/or angels, the 250 words should be from the introduction of your current business plan.

Will your idea and/or new business create tangible property? If not, you will find it challenging to obtain reasonable third party financing. It will also be more difficult to find experienced business people to work with/for you. Venture capital firms and most angels traditionally will not fund service related businesses. On the other hand, we will work with the exceptional service related business.

Blue Sky

We can help you determine what your business potential might be. If you have enough potential, we can help identify what you will need to get your business started and help you actually start it.

New Business

If you have an existing new business, and need help on taking it to the next level, we can help you identify what your options are, create the business and financial plans necessary to make it happen, find additional financing and help add the additional key personnel.


Its rare that a business can realize its full potential without entering into one or more business partnerships that strengthen the business and provides additional sales and market opportunities. While partnerships are easy to enter into, they are difficult to make successful. We can help you with making yours successful. It is never to early or late to form them.

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